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114 Troutman Street #405
Brooklyn, NY 11206

The World's Most Glamorous Doll - Created by New York based artist Joshua David McKenney.

The Bleu Belle

"The Bleu Belle"


We're excited to announce that Doll Bleu—Joshua David McKenney's newest sculpt—will appear in her very first limited edition collection at this year's Modern Doll Collectors Convention, September 19-22 at Harrah's New Orleans.  Doll Bleu will by styled as "The Bleu Belle", a Parisian stage performer who arrives in New Orleans during its heyday in 1820.  Arrayed in a high-waisted, French Empire-style gown that evokes the shape of a bluebell flower, the Bleu Belle will tell a tragic tale of love and loss in the Crescent City.  Mr. McKenney will unveil the Bleu Belle and her story at a very special tea on September 21.

This limited edition of 30 dolls is now available for pre-order at a special rate to registrants of this year's Modern Doll Collectors Convention.  Any dolls not sold at the convention will be made available to the general public at the regular price.  Mr. McKenney will also be bringing six one-of-a-kind Pidgin Dolls styled after a to-be-revealed character in the Bleu Belle's story (who also happens to be a New Orleans legend).

For more information about pre-ordering the Bleu Belle, please email