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114 Troutman Street #405
Brooklyn, NY 11206

The World's Most Glamorous Doll - Created by New York based artist Joshua David McKenney.

Pidgin: The FIlm


a short film by Kate Emerson and Derek Amengual

music and sound Kia Eshghi and Fernando Martinez


Pidgin, a handmade art doll with over 50k followers on Instagram, is the creation of Brooklyn artist Joshua David McKenney. She was named after pidgin dialect, “when two people don’t speak the same language but develop a way to communicate with each other.”

The doll has become a method of communication, a language between the artist and his growing social media following. As Joshua posts his images of Pidgin, fans on Instagram and Youtube post their corresponding fan art, ranging from illustrations to makeup tutorials to cos-play, all inspired by the doll.

Through this exchange of artwork and ideas, a new kind of connection between the artist and audience is formed, with each helping to influence and further the work of the other.

Pidgin tells the story of how social media has brought people together and unleashed their creativity.


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