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114 Troutman Street #405
Brooklyn, NY 11206

The World's Most Glamorous Doll - Created by New York based artist Joshua David McKenney.

Pidgin + Linda Farrow

In celebration of 10 years in business, luxury eyewear brand Linda Farrow commissioned a very special Pidgin Doll to play "Penelope": the Muse of Linda Farrow.  The limited-edition doll features a dress by designer Charles Anastase and is available in department stores around the world, as well as on  Pidgin creator Joshua David McKenney also produced six life-size versions of Pidgin for window and in-store display, as well as concept art featuring Pidgin as Penelope.  After selling out almost immediately, this limited-edition Pidgin Doll is now a highly collectible fashion item.

You can follow Penelope's travels on the Linda Farrow instagram account, or by searching for the hashtag #LFPenelope.