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114 Troutman Street #405
Brooklyn, NY 11206

The World's Most Glamorous Doll - Created by New York based artist Joshua David McKenney.

Custom Pidgin Doll - Order Form

Custom Pidgin Doll - 1:4 Scale

Body Dimensions -

height - 40.5 cm / 16"

head - 16 cm / 6.25" (6-7 wig)

inset eyes - 10mm

neck - 6 cm / 2.25"

shoulder to shoulder - 7 cm / 2.75"

shoulder to wrist - 12 cm / 4.75'

bust - 14.5 cm / 5.5"

waist - 11.5 cm / 4.5"

hips - 18 cm / 7"

inseam - 20 cm / 8"

feet length - 5 cm / 2"

feet width - 2 cm / .75"


1:4 scale Pidgin can wear most clothing meant for “slim mini” and “slim msd” dolls.

1:4 scale Pidgin is available as a nude blank doll or as a fully customized artist's doll. 

The blank Pidgin Doll starts at $475 (USD) and comes in two complexions, Light Mocha or Milk White.



Add a “standard” long, wavy, synthetic mohair wig for an additional $25 (USD), available in four colors (pictured below). 

Custom wigs of alpaca, mohair, or bamboo fiber are also available and priced upon request.

Face-up / Make-up

For an additional $50 (USD), the artist will choose a unique face-up for your doll. 

Design your own custom face-up for an additional $90 (USD) (includes face chart).


"Standard” clothing and accessories, pictured below, are available for purchase with your doll:  

  • Cotton “day dress” in ballet pink, $45 (USD)
  • Black ballet flats, $30 (USD)
  • Floral crown, $25 (USD)

We also offer a custom garment service for those customers who wish to create a truly unique look for their doll.  To request custom garment(s), simply enter a description of the garment(s) in the form below and/or send an email with inspirational photos, and the artist with work with you to fulfill your request.  All custom garments are priced on a case-by-case basis.  

Standard hair Options

Standard Clothing and Accessories

To place an order, please fill out the Doll Order Form below.  After you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 days.  A 50% deposit is required to reserve your doll.  Full payment is due before the doll is shipped.  International shipping is available.

Pidgin is a handmade art-doll, so the delivery date can vary.  We will do our best to provide you with an estimated delivery date. 

Doll Order Form

Name *
1:4 scale Doll - $445.00 USD
does not include face paint, body paint, or hair.
Complexion *
Hair - Standard - $25.00 USD
Synthetic mohair wig - long and wavy
Hair - Custom - Priced on request
Face and Body Painting - Standard - $50
Choose this to have your doll's unique look be a surprise!
Face and Body Painting - Custom - $90
Create your own unique look for your doll - includes face chart for your approval
Eye Color
*10 mm inset eye
Eye Shadow
Beauty Spot*
*placed under left cheek unless otherwise specified
Lip Color
Nail Color
e.g., tattoos, specific color requests, faux piercings
Clothing Options
please describe custom garment